Insatiable, Insufferable, Unstoppable. The legendary chiptune warlock Rainbowdragoneyes defies gravity and destroys worlds by using old videogame consoles like the GameBoy, NES and Sega Genesis to craft his music. Since 2009 he has been touring the globe, and in 2018 created the award-winning OST for The Messenger, available now on Nintendo Switch / PC / PS4 / Xbox. RDE has recently reconnected with his alter ego Eric, who has willingly agreed to help him share the process and inspire others in making authentic Chiptune music.

Once Upon A Time...

2006 - 2009 A.D.

One foggy evening, alone in his lair at the center of the universe, RDE accidentally stumbles upon Chiptune music while poring over the ancient scrolls of the land of “MySpace.” He is instantly enamored with the nostalgic sounds coming together to form never-before-heard compositions. He reaches out to summon a master of the craft, the ancient bard known as Bit Shifter. His majesty provides RDE with all the knowledge necessary to proceed down his own path of Chipmusic creation. RDE writes his first EP on the Nintendo GameBoy entitled “Super Eurobit Vol. 1.” It is this EP that landed him a slot at the 2009 Blip Festival, a 3-day annual event held in NYC with musicians and visualists from all over the world. This very special event would be Rainbowdragoneyes’ first ever live appearance. “Super Eurobit and The Seventh Enochian Key” was performed in it’s entirety, a re-release of the EP with additional songs and sold on printed CD-Rs.

2010 - 2014 A.D.

After the events of Blip Festival, RDE began performing religiously. His idols now his peers, netlabel and founders of Blip Festival 8bitpeoples agree to release his sophomore effort “The Primordial Booze.” In 2012 he embarked on the massive “Primordial Booze Cruise” tour taking him around the USA for two months. Over the next few years, he would perform at MAGfest, PAX East, PAX West, E3, 8static festival, Datapop 4.0, TooManyGames, and tons of legendary concert halls across the US and Canada. A few of his songs landed in Pump it Up Infinity, and more were charted for the Rock Band Network, where they were lauded as some of the most challenging songs available. He would continue to push the boundaries of chiptune with his 2014 release “The Secret Mirror,” and was invited by Alestorm to head overseas to be the opening act for the first Piratefest across the UK and Ireland in sold-out 800-1500 capacity venues.

2015 - 20XX A.D.

Pieces Ov Eight Bit: The Chiptune Pirate Metal EP” cements RDE’s role as the undisputed master of chiptune pirate metal. He continued to perform relentlessly as a solo artist including a 5-week tour of Australia, while Eric was the full-time drummer of several international bands including Nekrogoblikon, Swashbuckle, Vale Of Pnath and The Dread Crew Of Oddwood. Between all the laps around the continent, one fateful evening in 2016 Québec he would meet Thierry Boulanger, co-founder of Sabotage Studio, and would have a casual discussion about making some music for a videogame prototype that would eventually become The Messenger. Now in collaboration with Eric as a full-time member of the Sabotage team, he is expanding his repertoire even further with Sea Of Stars and livestreaming music production from his home studio twice a week, while Eric works on personal projects and handles drum duties for Nekrogoblikon, Swashbuckle and the newly-formed Wizardthrone.


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