For Commission Requests


November 02, 2019

Yes, I love hearing from you, and I do take commissions!!

I’ve whipped up this handy FAQ to help me help you before you reach out about your commission:

How much do you charge?

Everyone is different, so my rates are flexible depending on your needs, time frame + overall budget. I only work on things I enjoy, so I don’t charge “per minute” because I don’t enjoy being limited to only 60 seconds, and neither do you. I prefer to charge per track.

How much for a track?

Tell me everything there is to know and you’re legally allowed to share about your project. Tell me everything you’re looking for and expect from me. Give me some backstory, screenshots, videos, music references, wild and crazy ideas, whatever you got, and we’ll go from there.

Is that it?

Pretty much. Reach out and let’s chat about it.

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